The first time I met Ingrid was on a Monday in March 2020. Little did we know at that point what lay ahead of us & the rest of the world. A global pandemic.Ingrid was so warm & welcoming. I felt instantly at ease with her. Her coaching space at her beautiful home is a tranquil, harmonious & conflict free environment where you feel instantly comfortable in sharing your deepest darkest thoughts. My coaching course consisted of 1 day per week appointments of 1.5hour meet ups with Ingrid for 8 weeks. During the course of the program we explored topics that I wanted to come to terms with & needed help in synthesizing.Three and a half years prior to meeting Ingrid I experienced a complete life change. I moved country for a new job, I had to learn a new language, I was in a managerial position. Communication is crucial for a manager. Throw in a very large cultural gap, meeting my husband, a whirlwind romance, marriage, some left over emotional baggage from previous relationships, a lot of anxiety relating to the pressures of my new life, trying to meet expectations of bosses, colleagues, friends & family all the while struggling to find my own internal balance in dealing with all the changes, I felt like I was on the verge of a breakdown. 

Until I met Ingrid. That day everything changed. For the better. Ingrid very calmly guided me through my emotions, my turmoil, helping me identify my character strengths & weaknesses, and gave me the tools to deal with conflict. Conflict in the workplace, in the home, in relationships but most of all in your own mind. Because oddly that is where conflict is born. Often in our own minds. And we then resonate that to others around us. Causing chaos and confusion. When the conflict in your mind is put to rest and your thoughts are neatly archived you suddenly see clearly again, and are able to communicate with others coming from a place of peace, and a place where your feet are firmly grounded to the earth. Ingrids coaching methods had a massive impact on me in learning to let things go. Going forward after those coaching weeks with Ingrid I noticed big changes. My team started to respond better to me, they accepted me and my differences because I started to accept them and their differences. We are all different and that’s what makes us unique and authentic. 

After my coaching course with Ingrid I once again faced life changing obstacles that I’ve had to overcome. However I’ve been able to face them head on without fearing the emotional car crash I was accustomed to. I’m now able to clearly experience my emotions relating to difficult situations or circumstances without becoming imprisoned in them. I can honestly say this is all down to Ingrids coaching skills. She is a wonderful talented lady. I highly recommend her and her services to anyone who needs a paradigm shift in their life. 

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